50 Years and going strong!

That’s not my age, by the way… Not yet! ūüėČ

I’ve been a certified Jazzercise instructor for over two years now. After two years of leading an average of 4-5 classes a week, I can easily say that I am now in better shape than I was even five years ago. I attribute this to learning how to dance at high impact and strength train while simultaneously cueing a class.¬†

When I was first approached and asked if I would consider becoming an instructor, I was immediately intimidated and gave a quick “No Way!” Why was I so afraid? As a Jazzercise instructor, we get on a stage and wear a mic for an hour long class. To prepare for each week’s classes, I need to organize and learn/review routines. It takes creativity and courage to be able to stand up and motivate customers from the stage. I’m actually pretty introverted and was very nervous to get up and talk to a group of people. However, I can say without a doubt that this experience has made me a better trainer and a more confident woman. I absolutely love this job.

Jazzercise corporate is celebrating quite a milestone this year. For many businesses, 50 years is a success, but not remarkable. In contrast, the fitness/wellness industry is fast paced and trend-focused. People want results in days or weeks and will quickly jump from one fad to another. To stay competitive in a maze of boutique fitness options over several decades is phenomenal. In fact, it just doesn’t happen. Adding that this is a woman-owned and operated biz and you can see why we have reason to celebrate.

We are not just another dance program. Jazzercise employs exercise physiologists and marketing experts to analyze and successfully position itself year after year. I have tried just about every group fitness offering in the past: Crossfit, Spin Cycling, Orange Theory, Cardio Pole Dancing, Zumba, HIIT, Cardio Kickboxing, and Barre, but I always find that Jazzercise is the most fun and varied fitness program out there. It combines all of these different modes of exercise and puts them into one total body workout. It’s not just challenging, though, it’s a ton of fun. I love the strength intervals and the dance moves. I love the community of healthy women we bring together.

I’m very excited to be heading to San Diego this week for the 50th Anniversary Celebration with a couple of other instructors. I want to get sweaty and feel inspired to continue the workout that changed everything for me. I was a Jazzerciser before I was a trainer. Now, I’m both.

Congratulations, Jazzercise!!!

-Eva Johnson

Party on a plate

Even though I haven’t blogged in a while, I am still out here! Lately, my pursuits for life balance were knocked off kilter when my youngest son needed me the most. That’s why we live our lives as minimalist as we can. When I need to take a step back and be “just a mom,” I can be.

Despite the daily weekday chaos, I love to take time for myself by preparing quick, fresh¬† and healthy meals out of what I have in my fridge. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I now try to take a bit of extra care to prepare my own “party on a plate” several mornings a week. My neighbor often shares her free range, organic eggs with us, and I love to creatively use them for a variety of meals.

Sometimes, I simply baste the eggs and indulge dipping a bit of whole grain toast with avocado into the yolks. Other times, I use hard boiled eggs as a protein for a breakfast salad with fresh veggies, on a bed of kale or spinach. On really special days, I love to create a “bread-free BLT” with eggs, uncured bacon, basil, tomatoes, and fresh mozzerella. These colorful meals feel indulgent, but they take very little time to prepare.

Do you ever take a bit of “me time” to make a special meal for yourself? I highly recommend that you try it!¬† Also, please share your favorite anytime “party on a plate” recipes.



Heathy Summer Fun

Recently, my kids have finished up their school year and we are beginning the Summer schedule…that is, the non-schedule-schedule. Mornings are relaxed, dishes pile up in the sink, and I putter around the yard trying to keep plants alive. Meals are a free-for-all until dinner. I do like the change of pace, but it is challenging to keep my kids active and encourage them to make healthy food choices.

As my boys grow up and become teens, I still like to remain a healthy influence on their lives. I try to provide endless amounts of fresh fruit and healthy snacks in the house. I also keep signing them up for camps to keep them occupied and engaged throughout the Summer. However, it is a new kind of balancing act. They definitely have more opinions and need to eat more because they are growing at such a fast pace. I often need to make extra trips to the store to keep up because they tend to eat everything in our house!

I welcome any ideas to keep these kids healthy and happy during the Summer. Please feel free to comment or share ideas. Thanks!