Personal Training

Personal Training is a great investment in yourself and your health! I want it to be convenient and designed especially for you and your body. Every “body” is very different. During our consultation and training sessions, I will work with you and support you as an authentic individual!

Cardiovascular Training

I believe that keeping your body at its most efficient is the best way to avoid health problems, such as Heart Disease, Stroke, and Diabetes. Your body needs to pump fresh Oxygen throughout every cell. Cardiovascular training will provide you with energy and keep all of your body parts running efficiently. I will work with you to find an enjoyable and effective cardio plan. My clients have enjoyed kickboxing, aerobics, circuit training, interval training, and walking programs.

Resistance Training

All people can benefit from stronger muscles. As we age, we lose muscle tone, and in turn, lose the ability to support our bones in everyday functioning. A basic muscular resistance training program keeps your muscles strong, and your body looking lean and toned. I will design a unique resistance training plan for your body, helping you to be strong and lean. Once you benefit from strength training, you won’t believe how strong you will feel and how fantastic you will look! My clients enjoy kettlebells, pulse workouts, medicine balls, and body resistant workouts.


Although it has not been proven that stretching is vital to health, it feels wonderful and I believe that it keeps our muscles lengthened and flexible. Regular stretching also prevents pain and injury. I will guide you through a quick stretch after every session.

Balance Training

Balance is an important component of healthy living. When our body can balance on one foot or stabilize itself in a plank, we prevent falls and injury. It also strengthens our core, which protects the lower back. I will use balance moves in each workout to help strengthen and stabilize your muscles.

Yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates

Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi exercises are not only trendy, but a vital part of any well-rounded fitness program. Using modifications, these exercises will strengthen you and increase your flexibility. In addition to the many physical benefits of mindful exercise, these exercise practices reduce stress, encourage body awareness, promote healthy body confidence and allow mindful breathing. A healthy and positive attitude in the mind absolutely helps the total body get healthier.

Nutrition/Diet Support

Diet plays a huge role in our efforts to lose weight and get healthier. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, but I would like to support you as you try to make healthy choices.