Weight Loss

              Can I help you lose a few pounds?

Are you trying to lose inches and improve your health and appearance? A successful weight loss program can only be possible with diet and fitness effort. One cannot function well without the other. I can design an exercise plan with nutrition support (food logs, fitness evaluation).

Post Injury Support

After you have experienced an injury, you have a whole new body to now work with and strengthen. I can work with you and your health professionals to design an effective exercise plan that will strengthen you without further straining your injury.

5K Race

Have you ever dreamed of running in a race? I highly recommend that you try to run a 5K! Using interval training, from walking to jogging, I can help to motivate you to finish your first race. Additionally, I will help you strengthen specific “running” muscles so that you can learn how to enjoy running with less risk for injury.

Special Populations

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of activity! I have designed programs, with doctor approval, for many diverse health conditions, such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer, and Thyroid conditions. I also have designed programs for senior populations.


Why can’t exercise be fun? I can design an effective program that will make you more likely to stick to a lifelong fitness habit. With music and varied equipment, I will create a fun program that can still help you reach your goals. If I didn’t like exercise, I wouldn’t do it. Making it fun is how I keep going! Can I make it fun for you?