• How yoga keeps me healthy

    In the past 6 months, I have been teaching an average of 5 high impact Jazzercise® classes per week. These classes keep me in the best shape of my life, but they also can cause my knees to complain. Recently, my right knee had been complaining louder than usual. In fact, I even had to start using those four R.I.C.E. components and get a doctor’s okay before continuing to teach.

    After I got the “go ahead” from my doctor, I also began to research various ways to help strengthen and stretch my knee joint. Because the knee attaches to MANY muscle groups, it can become sore if some of these muscles are either weak or tight. So, I pulled out my yoga book and began to regularly practice every day.

    After about a week of rest, ice, and yoga, I was feeling so much better. I am now teaching those classes (without pain) and enjoying dancing again. Despite feeling better, I am still trying to keep up my yoga practice because it makes me feel so good!

    Even though I know yoga is beneficial for me, I didn’t realize how yoga can dramatically improve everyone’s health. Yoga can help us sleep, reduce allergies, and even regulate our hormone and sugar levels. In a fascinating new blog, Jen Reviews has written about 18 scientifically proven benefits of yoga. I encourage you to read about yoga and consider starting your own at-home practice!

    On that note, I’m going to pull out my mat right now and stretch.


    -Eva Johnson

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