• Health for the Holidays!

                            Festive and Healthy!

    I know it is that time of year to break out the sugar and the cookie cutters… However, the holiday season can be an opportunity for good nutrition (with a few sugary indulgences). In fact, I would like to introduce my current favorite “Christmas Salad,” which is guaranteed to bring you some tastes of the season, without all those extra calories. Here’s the easy recipe:

    -Baby Spinach/Cabbage/Kale Salad Mix-whatever greens you prefer.

    -Raw Walnuts

    -Chopped Apples

    -Crumbled Feta Cheese


    -Any kind of vinaigrette (I am currently using Panera’s brand of Fuji Apple Vinaigrette Dressing)

    Instead of giving you specific measurements, I just throw all of these ingredients together and dive in! If you, like me, don’t like a lot of dressing, just pour a little into a bowl as a dip for your salad.

    That’s it! This is a very simple and healthy way to get into the spirit, without guilt!

    I wish you and yours a delightful holiday season.

    -Eva Johnson

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