• Healthy Convenience Foods…a top 10 of my faves

    Delicious and Nutritious…and convenient!

    When you hear the phrase, “Convenience foods,” you may automatically assume that they have to be unhealthy or over-processed.

    Not true!!!

    I use all kinds of convenience foods in order to feed me and my family on our busy schedule. I do believe that we can prepare healthy meals without always cooking from scratch. In fact, I usually use all of these 10 (listed below) convenience foods each week. Here’s my faves list:

    1. Bagged Salads: If you don’t have time to buy several varieties of greens/veggies/fruits/nuts and chop them up to create a fresh salad, don’t despair! Buy a fresh bagged salad. I love to add these salads as a side to my lunch or dinner. I also love that these salads usually provide a delicious dressing inside. I can add just a tablespoon of dressing, which controls the portion as well. Easy, peasy…no excuses to not eat your greens!
    2. Pre-cut Produce: Along the same lines as bagged salads, I like to buy “ready to eat” fruit mixes or veggies with dressings/hummus when I am on-the-go between appointments.
    3. Calorie controlled trail mixes: I like those 100 calorie packs of nut mixes either at the grocery store, or at the coffee shop. They keep me feeling full and provide energy.
    4. Fast Food Oatmeal: When I miss breakfast or my family stops at a fast food place on a road trip, I like to order oatmeal with toppings on the side. That way, I can control the amount of sugar I mix into my bowl!
    5. Hardboiled Eggs: Yes, I can hardboil an egg, but I don’t always have time. Two hardboiled eggs are a favorite go-to breakfast, for me, on busy mornings.
    6. Cottage Cheese/ Plain Greek Yogurt: I don’t have to cook every single time that I am hungry. I simply grab a bowl of greek yogurt or cottage cheese. If I add in fruit, slivered almonds, and/or honey to my yogurt, it’s even more nutrient-rich!
    7. Cooked/Prepared Beans and/or Lentils: I don’t have time to boil legumesĀ or soak them overnight!! In fact, that is only something I do during the Winter when I am home all day and enjoying comfort cooking. If I need beans or legumes, I either buy canned or quick-cook options!
    8. Rotisserie Chicken: They are delicious, nutritious and easy to throw into salads, pastas, soups, etc, etc, etc! I like to also make stock and/or chicken soup with them after we use most of the meat.
    9. Boxed Soups: As long as the ingredient list is healthy, I like to add a cup or a bowl of prepared soup to any lunch or dinner. A warm cup of soup especially makes me feel cozy and warm in the Winter.
    10. Frozen Produce: Just as nutrient dense as fresh produce, but cheaper and easier!

    That’s my list of favorite convenience foods! Do you have any other foods to add to my list? I’d love to hear about them!



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