• Healthy New Year!

    Happy New Year!Are you a “Resolution-ist?”

    Do you make life goals after watching that ball drop in Times Square? Do you vow to get healthier, more organized, improve relationships or try something new? If you are hoping to be a resolution success this year, I applaud you!

    I admit that I have made successful and failed resolutions in past years. Two years ago, I decided that I would refuse to complain about our Michigan weather. After that success, I then took it one step further last year: I decided to make a resolution not to complain about anything. I’m not sure if I have gone an entire year without complaint, but I have been much more cognizant that complaining brings everyone down. To me, that is a resolution success!

    If you want to be successful this year, I would like to give you some advice to help you be a successful “resolutionist” in 2017:

    1. Be specific. Goal setting shouldn’t be vague. An example of a good goal is to lose a realistic amount of pounds by a specific date. Since most people can’t lose more than 1-2 pounds a week, try to keep your weight loss at a healthy pace.
    2. Have a plan. Don’t make a goal without creating a method of meeting the goal. If you want to “Get in Shape,” join a gym or hire a personal trainer. If you want to “lose weight,” figure out a nutrition plan with your dietitian and/or doctor.
    3. Make it small. Small changes, added over time, are the recipe for lifelong success. If you want to lose 10 lbs, start with a 2 lb goal. This makes it easier for you to feel success faster!
    4. Be Creative!¬†Be innovative and pick something that you will remember. Instead of a generic weight loss goal, maybe you will decide that you will get up early and do a fun workout three times a week. You could decide to substitute a calorie-laden breakfast for a lower calorie choice (Maybe try sweet potato toast instead of regular toast?). Learn a new sport or dance? Creativity isn’t just fun-it makes you more likely to stick to your resolution because you keep it on your mind. A fun goal is a memorable goal.
    5. Let yourself fail. One failure doesn’t mean that you have failed your resolution. In fact, most resolutions fail because people let setbacks become the “final” failure. Don’t give up (even after a setback)!

    Do you have any resolution advice to give? I would love to hear from you. Tell me your resolution and how you hope to accomplish this goal. Cheers to a happy (and healthy) New Year! I wish all of you the very best,


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