• Running the 13.1…again

    Taking a needed break on our Denver "brewery" half marathon last June!

    Taking a needed break on our Denver “brewery” half marathon last June!

    When I ran a 13.1 half marathon in 2013, I was emphatic that I would NEVER do it again…and, then, my husband asked if I would run one with him…

    I was initially very nervous. However, after I thought about it, I got excited! After all, we’ve completed at least a few half marathons on our trips together in the past few years. When we went to Denver last year, for example, we logged in 27K and 25K days, simply trekking from brewery to brewery.

    We have now decided to train for an official half marathon together. Most of our actual training runs will be apart, but we will run together (when we can) and keep track of our pacing to ensure we are not too vastly different.

    Because we want to make this a fun and successful experience, we have implemented a few new strategies:

    1. Following a plan: We are following a standard half marathon plan. This plan is challenging, yet very do-able. I will be completing one training run and one long run each week, on top of my normal training and volunteering commitments. Derek (my husband) is following the plan more closely.
    2. New shoes: We will each get a brand new pair of running shoes to support our feet and reduce the risk of injury.
    3. Run/Walk Intervals. Neither one of us is in fabulous running shape. So, we are attempting to make each run’s distance, without worry about running the entire time. Derek is making his own intervals, but I am alternating 2 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking. This gives us time to recover between running intervals. We will be running intervals on race day as well.
    4. Audio books/podcasts: A good friend recommended listening to audiobooks while running. Now, I’m hooked! I’m less bored and can keep up with my reading! Derek, instead, loves to listen to podcasts.
    5. Nutrition/Vitamins: As usual, I am trying to eat a large variety of healthy foods and I am adding nutrition into our family meals. This will help give us the energy to complete all of these miles.

    As of writing this blog, we have completed 2.5 weeks of training. I can’t wait for our kids to see us cross that finish line together!!!


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