• How can I help you navigate those exercise “roadblocks?”

    trafficIn Michigan, we have two seasons: Snow and Construction. As I drive, I now have to dodge potholes and orange-laden traffic hazards. This reminds me that we all have to navigate roadblocks in our lives. These roadblocks can be physical and/or psychological. For many people, exercise can be a huge roadblock in both ways.

    Note: For people who regularly exercise, this concept may seem strange. After all, you just…exercise. It is a part of your life and you just do it. You are not the intended audience. Sorry, please go about your day.

    For everyone else, exercise can be painful, horrible, and too difficult. You are the ones I want to hug and help. You are the people that I live and work for. How can I help you overcome these psychological and physical roadblocks? How can I make exercise fun and effective for your unique body?

    I often say that my job isn’t to “make” or “force” people to exercise. In fact, while many personal trainers may yell and fight for your hidden “six pack” abs, I quietly coax your best healthy self out of your unique body. I work with you to help you ENJOY your exercise experience. I train your muscles to work their most effectively without pain. I don’t encourage my clients to jump into a difficult workout until they are ready. Why do I use this approach? Because it works!!! For several years now, I have transformed many clients into healthy and trim people without any “post-traumatic exercise” experiences. I love to show people that exercise can be a positive and enjoyable part of their life. That is my mission.

    When I help a client discover that exercise is fun, I actually help them become a regular exerciser. Once they have exercise confidence, they then take on more and more new challenges. They sign up for mud runs or marathons or crossfit. They go from walking to running races. They eat better and lose weight. They don’t get sick as often and perform better at their job. They are happier people.

    Yes, exercise can change your life. But, you have to get started!!! That’s where I can really help you. That’s why I love my job. I love to help people get started.

    Please contact me if you want to know how exercise can be fun and effective. I will listen to you and create a personalized exercise plan for you. Let’s get you past those roadblocks so that you can move through life better.



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