• Workout Style

    top hat“Style is the difference, a way of doing, a way of being done.”

    -Charles Bukowski

    We all have our own style, our own flare, our own individual taste. We all march to the beat of our own drum…but, some of us run. Some of us hop. Some of us dance and some of us hobble.

    Isn’t this just…wonderful?!!!

    One of the greatest gifts of being a personal trainer is the continued awareness of each individual’s personal workout style. I love to adapt my exercise philosophy for all, no matter what his or her preferences. I love the challenge of making all of my clients look forward to each and every workout with me. Not only does this make me a better trainer, it makes my clients more likely to keep exercising for life.

    No two people are alike. One exercise program will never work for all.

    I often advise people to find a workout that fits their unique ‘you.’ In fact, I can’t express this sentiment enough.

    Find your workout style. Find a mode of exercise that compels you to keep going! Find a style of movement that feels like you! If you get bored, you can adjust intensities or locations. You can find a new instructor with new music to keep you engaged. If it starts to feel stale, try something new. Keep it fresh. Keep it you. You are a style…all your own. Work your style!



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