• The mind/body strength connection

    yogadiet-flickr-MonjaI believe that strong minds and strong bodies are not separate. In fact, if one of these components is weak, this can weaken us overall.

    What do I mean by a strong mind? A person with confidence. A person with an inner light that shares this light with others. A person who finds inner joy and also delights in the joy of others. A person who strives for his or her personal best. A person that is happy and secure in their own unique personality and temperament. A person who smiles.

    What do I mean by a strong body? This is actually tougher for me to define. I would consider someone strong who makes health and wellness a priority. A person who regularly exercises. A person who incorporates a variety of modes of exercise.

    If your life is all ‘out of whack’ and you feel a loss of control in your mind, you might find that your fitness habit suffers as well. On the other hand, even if you devote your life to physical fitness, a depressed or sad mind may prevent you from reaching your goals. In other words, we can talk ourselves out of anything.

    What to do? Recognize that health is a ‘whole body’ goal. We cannot separate our feelings from our moving feet. We cannot ignore our bodies and be fully¬†mindful of our mental inertia and stamina. I advise that we all try to engage our mind as we engage ourselves during fitness. Practice mindful exercises such as meditation, yoga or tai chi, before or after your next run or swim.

    How do you manage to engage your entire body? I would love to get some feedback and ideas!

    -Fit Mommy


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