• Frozen motivation

    6 weeks isn't that long...keep trying to stay motivated!!!

    6 weeks isn’t that long…keep trying to stay motivated!!!

    This is the kind of winter that makes even the toughest ‘winter lovers’ fatigued.  It is the kind of winter that a shovel can’t haul the snow and it breaks. Freezing rain turns the road into a black ice rink. Plunging temps can cause frostbite in a mere few minutes. And…the kids are at home with me.

    On days where I can’t get a workout, I wish I could say that I ALWAYS find a way. I wish I could say that I get in my workout clothes and jam it out to some dance music or find some weights and lift a while. I wish I could say that I am a healthy eater.

    This is the reality: I sit in my pajamas until noon. I drink too much coffee and skip breakfast. I watch GMA and other daytime shows. I check FB for other statuses than “It’s cold” or “It’s snowy.” I call or text my clients and tell them, “Sorry, I have the kids and it is a snow day!”

    These are the stops and starts of January. However, now it is February and I realize that my goals for the year are starting to feel closer. I have to get moving…literally. So, I’ve signed up for a few races and I have also started a ’30 Day Push up challenge (5 days and going strong!). I do find that it is easier to keep a goal if I actually….have a goal.

    What is your goal for this year? Are you going to try a new race? Are you going to try to get stronger? Are you going to eat better? If so, try and keep going through those inevitable ‘starts and stops’ that life WILL throw at you. Snow days will happen. Taxes are a certainty. Family and friends can distract you or torture you with fun or drama. Kids will get sick (and you will too!). However, despite all these obstacles, we all have to keep that motivation going.

    How do you stay motivated?

    -Fit Mommy

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