• What’s my excuse? Well, since you asked…

    A friend asked me on FB if I could weigh in on this photo that went viral like croup in Fall…

    What's my excuse? Well, since you asked...

    Oh, where to begin….This photo is not only a blogger’s dream, but this fitness mom/business owner/mom of two boys/blogger’s personal writing fantasy vacation. With fiendish, nefarious excitement, I am attacking my laptop keyboard like my coffee maker in the morning after getting a mere 2 hours of sleep!!!

    I am not going to attack the photo. She has her opinion and has thus displayed it all over her spray tanned, chiseled abs. Hanging alongside, are her coordinated, color-schemed children in perfect behavior. She looks confident and proud of her brood and her bod.

    Let me tell you, my picture of me with a 3 year old and a one year old would have been a much different picture. I would be unshowered and covered in spit up. I would be 30 pounds heavier and eating goldfish crackers that my kids didn’t want. I would also be wearing comfy jeans and one of 8 A-line shirts that covered that post-baby bump. I picture a front carrier, stroller and a three year old running away, with my pale, blurry and un-maked up figure chasing behind like a maniac…No hot mommy playgroup would have been asking me to join their playdates. However, I would be smiling. I would be somewhat healthy. I would be friendly.

    That’s my excuse. I was a mom (first and foremost) in those first few years. I did my best every day with my two wonderful little boys. I would attempt exercise when the kids actually napped. If I couldn’t find time to exercise, my kids and I would go on trail walks or mall walks. I would try to cook fast and healthy, kid-friendly meals with hidden carrot puree.  It was not a picture of perfect and it never really is. When I had time, I would enjoy coffee and chats with other normal and cool moms. I opted to sleep and didn’t finish a book for 2 years. I put a few of my hobbies on the shelf, knowing that I could pull them down again when my kids started sleeping.

    What’s wrong with being just a woman doing her best as a mom? Why do we have to qualify the days by how we look or what we accomplish? Even now, people expect me to have it all together. The reality is that just when I think I have a whole day to myself, one of my kids gets sick. The other kid needs a hug at school. Yes, I still drop everything if they truly need me. My business doesn’t have to be on the Forbes list. I don’t have to write for the Huffington Post before I hit 40. I don’t have to qualify myself. Ever.

    As a fitness professional, I also don’t have to explain myself, either. I don’t have to run a marathon, complete 40 burpees at one time or flex my abs for a camera. My health stats are excellent and I can do jumping jacks without throwing up. I can lift weights with proper form. I love to feel my body sing after a yoga class. I am healthy and happy. I am not a doer…I am a me-er.

    I’m not saying we can’t try to stay in shape. That’s my mission! I want to help moms and other normal people fit exercise into their busy lives. I want to make it a fun and uplifting experience! I hear excuses all of the time, but guess what? I don’t have contracts for a simple reason: I know that sometimes life throws you a curve ball (or another baby). I know that sometimes we have family problems or emergencies. That’s okay! Pick that fitness back up when you can. Do your best.

    It isn’t a perfect-looking life. It is your life. Instead of making excuses for not fitting the picture, try to fit in a walk. Take the kids to the park and do a few jumping jacks or pushups. Use the gym’s childcare center and work out when you can. Eat some veggies with those crackers. Do your best with what you have.

    Sending some Fit Mommy fitness love to all you mommies!

    -Fit Mommy

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