• Reality Check: Trainers can make you great at YOUR age!

    There is no comfy bra that clings like a wall spider.

    There is no comfy bra that clings like a wall spider.

    I don’t know who coined the phrase that many beauticians use:

    “I’m a beautician, not a magician”

    However, I often feel that trainers need a chunk of ‘rhymey timey’ jargon that speaks this truth. A personal trainer cannot cut your age in half and make you look as if you were born in the same year that Jurassic Park was released. (Yes, that was 1993 for those of you wondering…)

    For the most part, this ideal tends to be a woman-driven delusion quite similar to finding a comfy strapless bra or marrying George Clooney. Really? Is anyone really going to marry George? Is anyone ever going to be snuggy in a bra that uses clingy gel and hangs on like those walking wall spiders that my kids throw against the wall?

    As a CPT, I feel that it is my job to motivate you and champion you to be your best healthy and strong self. I will show you how to use proper form and challenge you with good workouts and provide you with motivational support. I will encourage you to make good diet and exercise choices so that you can be a healthy person. A healthy person not only feels good, but will present himself or herself well. We’re talking muscle tone and bright eyed confidence! Healthy people stand up with excellent posture. They smile. They work their heart and keep O2 flowing throughout their body. They want to be attractive and radiant. And…they are! No matter what age, a healthy person will always look better than their chain-smoking, schlumpy-postured counterpart.

    Does this mean that a healthy person won’t have wrinkles or age spots? Does this mean that all of your 2000+ Lever soap parts will work just like you want them to? Does this mean that you will be carded the next time you try to buy that six pack of Sam Adams? Does this mean you can get away with clothing trends that Miley Cyrus can? (Disclaimer: I’m not sure even she achieves a gold star on her own fashion choices)

    Let me give you the straight answer: Heck no. I can’t cut your age in half.

    You can be your best self if you simply accept that aging will happen to you, like it or not. Those grey hairs will eventually appear (but you can fix that!). Your body parts will get a bit more ornery, but you can stretch them and keep them moving. Your balance and your flexibility will wane so you may not perform as well athletically as you once did.

    Don’t despair. It is okay to accept yourself as the age you are. Be happy that you have made the journey this far! You are more wise than your 20 year old self, right? You have had some fun adventures that contributed to those wrinkles and age spots…and injuries, right?

    A trainer can’t stop and rewind time like a VCR. (yup, if you still use a VCR, I’m talking to you…). However, we can help you reach your own beautiful and healthy potential!

    -Fit Mommy


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