• Have you wondered why we fitness people are all so…happy?

    We aren't superheros, but sometimes, we feel like them!

    We aren’t superheros, but sometimes, we feel like them!

    Do you ever wonder why exercise people, fitness professionals (some of them), aerobics instructors and yoga people seem lighter than air? It isn’t sadistic, really! ūüôā

    They love their job. It is¬†a love for what they do…

    We love to not only help you get stronger, in better shape and more healthy, but we love the added benefits of being motivational. We love to BE healthy. We love¬†to get those endorphins¬†when we sweat and also when we feel like we have made someone else feel amazing. You can’t bottle that up into a pill. You can’t simply put that into a bank account. It is a happiness that is beyond measure.

    Have you ever thought about becoming a health professional? It is not just a fantasy or a whim. You can be happy, healthy¬†AND make a difference in people’s lives (if that is what you dream about). You can experience the joys of meeting new people and seeing that light in their eyes as they realize what amazing things they can accomplish.

    I love to help people. I love to keep my training sessions and classes¬†fun. As I always say, I wouldn’t work out if I couldn’t make it fun. With this job, I can have fun and be part of the force of change. It’s a win…times three!

    If you dream of becoming part of the¬†health¬†movement and want to talk about it with me, please contact me. I would love to help and encourage you to follow that dream. Let’s make this World a healthy and happy place. Let’s work ourselves out of a job….together.

    -Fit Mommy


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  1. Jenny says:

    Great article, I used to be really fit, now I just think about it. I might start up again

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