• 7 minutes of scientific fitness equals one good workout!

    7 minutes...Can you do it?

    7 minutes…Can you do it?

    Recently, I posted on my Facebook Fan page that high intensity intervals are not only a great workout in less time, but also “provides many of the fitness benefits of prolonged endurance training.”

    The original article, posted in the May-June issue of the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health & Fitness Journal, gives us not only a great reason to try HIIT, but also unveils a specific 7 minute workout for all of us to try.

    Even though these types of workouts are wonderful for many of you, they are not for everyone! HIIT is a very intense type of workout that could be too intense for people who are currently sedentary or have heart and/or joint issues. So, with that in mind, please modify these moves to fit your own body. For instance, if you can’t do jumping jacks, do a side step with arms. Do wall push-ups instead of push ups on the floor. If you need any assistance with modifications, please ask a qualified trainer! 🙂

    I had 15 minutes before the kids were to get off the bus, so I thought I would try this workout for myself, in my own living room. I grabbed my handy dandy mat, a chair, a kitchen timer and found some fun running music. Ready, set, GO! I then performed these 12 moves for 30 seconds with 10 second breaks:

    1. Jumping Jacks

    2. Wall Sit

    3. Push ups

    4. Abdominal Crunch

    5. Step up to a chair

    6. Squats

    7. Triceps Dips

    8. Plank

    9. High Knees Running in Place

    10. Alternating Lunges

    11. Push up rotations to T-stand side planks

    12. Side Plank

    I have to admit, this was good workout, but not one of the hardest HIIT workouts I have ever done. I was impressed that I was able to do all the push ups from my toes!!! However, I also thought that this was very ‘shoulder-intense’ on my upper body during the push ups, triceps dips and push ups with rotations. Overall, most of my clients would find this tough, but very ‘do-able!’ This is a great introduction to HIIT!

    Will you spare 7 minutes and try something new today? If so, let me know how it goes!

    -Fit Mommy


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