• Spheksophobia, Coulrophobia, and now? Potamophobia



    I fear winged wasps, clowns and a call of nature on the open road. Please Help!

    Do you have a phobia? After my last two runs, I now have three.

    Spheksophobia-The fear of wasps. I hate stinging insects, but wasps cause me to shriek and hide. The fact that wasps are dive bombing my house has caused my heart to palpitate more than a 45 minute spinning session.

    Coulrophobia-The fear of clowns. They are creepy and scary. If I see pictures of painted clown faces, I will shudder and/or leave the room. In fact, I know I may upset a few people, but Raggedy Ann and Andy still give me the serious clown creepers.

    …And most relavent to running: Potamophobia: There is actually no fear of running, but there is the fear of running water. Why would this have anything to do with running? Well, this is a ‘running situation specific’ phobia. I am now terrified of being on the open road and in need of bathroom facilities!!!!

    Yes, twice now, I have been caught stranded with the immediate need to answer the call of nature, while in the middle of this actual nature. Out, alone and on my own. In fact, due to the body movin’ moving, I have had to stop and walk for miles because the impact of one more step may just be my most embarrassing situation. Why admit this? Because I need to reach out and get help from another runner.

    Are you a runner? Is this a problem for you? How do you either avoid the situation with change of route or change of dietary habits? Please help me!

    -Fit Mommy

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  1. Wendy says:

    You know my answer….find the nearest tree!!!!

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