• The nutritional existential crisis

    Woman selecting fruit at grocery store“Here we go again… I’m hungry and I have to figure out what to eat…again…” -My thoughts, every single meal.

    I had an existential crisis with food a week ago. Nothing, and I mean nothing looked at all appetizing or delicious. Try as I might, nothing in my fridge, pantry or a restaurant looked good. In fact, I bought some meal replacement shakes (really yummy ‘Body by Vi’ mixes) because I just couldn’t find an interesting meal. However, even after a few delicious smoothies, I was ready to find food inspiration elsewhere.

    I whined to one of my good friends about this problem. I knew he would understand because he is a foodie and isn’t the kind of person that will eat food just because it is there. He made a suggestion that inspired me try something new. He told me that it might be a good idea to go back to the basics. Emphasize fruits and vegetables, especially fruits. He emphasized that I should not worry about spending a few extra dollars for some better quality food.

    Excited by his advice, I went to a local and very indulgent high-end grocery store in my hometown. I spent time wandering around the produce aisles and tried to pretend that all the fruits were not at a $5 minimum per pint (or half pint). After picking up delectable and juicy strawberries, I seized a fresh and crispy spinach bunch. I then strolled down the perfectly manicured meat section and picked up some grass-fed, organic steaks. To offset the beef, I also picked up tofu. While I was back in the produce area, I snagged a bottle of poppy seed salad dressing that will actually expire this year and needs refrigeration before it is opened. I thought I was perfectly happy, until I saw rows of dark chocolate bars that needed to ‘accidentally on purpose’ jump into my cart. I left with both hands grasping paper bags full of food and an exorbitantly expensive food bill.

    Did I have any idea how fruit, veggies, steak and tofu would get eaten? No. However, that day I enjoyed a brilliantly  delicious salad for lunch with homemade yogurt. I began to taste food again for the first time. REAL FOOD. Since then, I am slowly recovering, but the crisis seems to have passed.

    Have you ever experienced a case of the food blahs? Tell me how you recovered!

    -Fit Mommy

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