• Lose the ‘Beer Battered’ Belly??!! My answer to this and plea for free plastic surgery…

    plank_row_2How do we get rid of that dang spare tire? How can we get a visual of those six pack abs? What’s the secret to removal of the muffin top? Here’s my answer to those questions, and a possible call to help from a local plastic surgeon… 🙂

    People are constantly asking me this question, as if I have the easy answer. The truth is: there is NO easy way to rid yourself of the belly fat. It really takes a trifecta of three different efforts: 1) Great Nutrition 2) Effective Abs-stimulating workouts and 3) The X Factor. Let me explain all three, with the help of www.wholegrainpasta.ca.

    1) Great Nutrition. As an ACE-certified Personal Trainer, I feel uncomfortable giving out too much nutritional information. I am not a professional dietitian or nutritionist. However, I do think that most of us know that we eat too much of the wrong foods AND too much of the right ones. To banish that gut, you have to really watch your intake of calories. Too many empty calories will add to your waistline. For more nutritional info, I really like this blog, entitled “Blast the Belly Fat.” This is a great guide that explains how certain foods can help to ‘whittle the middle.’

    2) Effective Abs-stimulating workouts. I am not talking about an ab roller, abs electric belt or any other crackpot ‘As seen on TV’ abs machine. Great abs truly do start in the kitchen, but they can’t be seen without some work. What work, you ask? Well, the classic combination of cardio (5 times a week for 30 mins), total body conditioning moves (Squats, pushups, etc.), Abs targeted exercises (blog post coming soon!), and yoga/stretching.

    3) The X Factor: Nope, wc can’t all have ‘perfect’ abs without a huge sacrifice. In fact, if someone tells you that everyone can, I think they are either ignorant or trying to sell you a product. Abs can get very strong, but if you have predisposed fat that falls around your middle (due to genetics, body shape or postpartum bad luck), you can only get that coveted six pack if you lose a ton of body fat or find a great plastic surgeon. Like cellulite, we can minimize the appearance of extra fat, but sometimes can’t eliminate it completely on our own. If you naturally don’t carry fat around your middle, it is much easier to have envy-inducing abs. It isn’t that I am trying to tell you that it is impossible, but it may take some real sacrifice of money and diet to get to a state of perfection.

    (Fit Mommy Note and plea for help: I consider the pursuit of perfect abs ‘not worth it’ for me. I work very hard and have very strong and flat abs, but I would ‘need’ a plastic surgeon to actually fix my issues. If there is a plastic surgeon out there who wants to sponsor me and use me for advertising, however, I am open to this! Hey, why not try, right???) 🙂

    -Fit Mommy



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