• Just the way you are!

    Jennifer Lawrence was criticized for being too curvy. I say, WHAT? She’s beautiful, just the way she is.

    Are you a hater? Do you find that you judge a certain body type? Well, if you do, you are not alone. Lately, I am reading all sorts of anti-fat and anti-skinny rhetoric on website threads. It isn’t nice. In fact, this stuff is downright cruel and nasty.

    What gives, people?

    First and foremost, because I work in an industry that is ‘body-obsessed,’ I am a bit more immersed in all this stuff. I read the fitness magazines, view fitness websites and blogs and subscribe to fitness motivational posts on Facebook. However, it wasn’t until the past six months that I really started to notice this trend of body hate. It doesn’t matter if the person is skinny, muscular, athletic, overweight, curvy, tall or short. People are just nasty!

    Let me tell you: You are fantastic, just the way you are. Even though I encourage people to get healthier and lose weight, I don’t do it for their own vanity. I want to help people find their own healthy balance and get in great shape, whatever shape they are. Being in good shape helps people live more confident, with greater energy and better overall life quality.

    I am tired of all these phrases like, “Skinny Bitch,” “Fat” or “Real women are curvy.” Let’s banish the idea that being thin or heavy validates feelings of being more or less than. This nasty habit of criticizing the way other people look only undermines our ability to have good self confidence.

    ALL of us suffer from this negativity.

    I am not a sum of my parts and neither are you. Let’s stop this labeling and degradation of other ladies based on body type. Instead, cheer on other women for being the wonderful people they are, just as they are.

    -Fit Mommy

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