• Response to Glamour’s “Confessions of a Celebrity Fitness Trainer”

    Glamour’s March 2013 Magazine just hit the shelves and I had to scan it for fashion trends and interesting articles. One article, entitled, “Confessions of a Celebrity Trainer,” perked my professional and personal interests.

    I have a confession: I would love to be a celebrity trainer. Since every ‘body’ is so different and yet I deal with so many different bodies, I don’t think I would be intimidated by a famous body. Every person is a miraculous combination of body, heart and spirit. To train a famous body is just one of those little dreams I hold in my heart.

    I was immediately pulled in to this article, not only because of my personal dream, but also to hear a first-hand account of someone who has been a trainer to the stars. I furiously read about the stories of gym-lies and deception, exercise addiction, body-obsession, and anorexia/bulimia. I was on the same wavelength when the author confessed that she would push her clients to insane limits because that is what they thought they had to do. I really became emotional to hear that these celebs are sometimes hurt, injured and miserable because of the enormous pressure they feel each and every time they have to be in front of that camera.

    This trainer eventually quit, but learned that she could get stronger while working out less (and so could her clients).  She also mentioned that she became happier when she was less obsessed about exercise. Most importantly, she realized this: “The truth is, we all have the potential to go to extremes. But a good trainer will explain what’s healthy and what isn’t. And the best trainer for you will inspire you to be fit, healthy, and most of all, happy.”

    Well said, trainer bff…well said…

    -Fit Mommy

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