• Climbing out of a rut

    I can’t wait to try again!!!

    Have you become monotonous? I’m talking to you…cardio queens, power lifters, or sports junkies! Yes, it is great exercise to do all of these things. No one is going to tell you that it is a bad idea to keep up a regular routine.

    However, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE OUT THERE! In fact, there are so many cool ways to get and stay physically active. I often find myself getting all “geeked up” about trying new things.

    So, what are you waiting for? Climb out of that boring routine. Try something new!

    I don’t just tell you to do this and not obey my own words. In fact, I tried rock climbing for the first time today and I think I may be literally…hooked. (or caribinered?) to this new sport. I have to admit that it was a rush to be told to just let go from the wall. It was a new exhaustion for my fingers as I had to tightly grasp the oddly- shaped boulders. I felt a new sense of strength as I felt that my legs could easily lift my entire body (That’s why I do all those squats and lunges, right?). I can’t wait to try again, and climb over that “ledgy-sticking out” area that I failed today…

    Now, I admit that it can be scary and intimidating to try new things. In fact, I HATED telling my instructor that I was a trainer because the level of expectation suddenly rose to epic proportions. However, I was excited to learn how to tie some new knots and wear a funky harness. Incidentally, I was also proud that I didn’t make one single inappropriate sexual remark during the lesson either! Even though I was out of my element, I found that the risk was worth the reward of finally getting my hands (and feet) on the wall.

    The safe and routine activities are okay, but isn’t there something new you have always wanted to try??? What is holding you back? 

    -Fit Mommy

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