• Punched in the gut…#Trainer Rant

    A “friend” we’ll call him. He came over to my house and punched me in the gut before I could prepare myself. Then, he reared back and said, “Well, that’s not very impressive…”

    The jab he made with his words hurt more than the actual jab.

    My credentials for becoming a personal trainer were simple.  I wanted to help motivate and get people into shape. I am not a former gymnast and I don’t have athletic tendencies. I don’t regularly run marathons or go for weeks without a cookie. I do have to go through the drive thru and miss workouts from time to time.

    HOWEVER, I am a mom of two with two C-section scars, literally under my belt! I workout at least 5 times a week and also run several classes and sessions each week. I can hold a plank for two minutes, run a 10K and perform kickboxing after an intense spinning class. I hug my kids when they get off the school bus EVERY DAY! I love my clients like friends. I know what it is like to feel unhealthy because I have been there. Maybe I don’t have abs of steel, but they fit into my skinny jeans (most of the time).

    If you want a perfect punching bag, call up that trainer who enjoys flexing abs for fun. If you want a real person who can actually listen to you and make exercise effective and enjoyable, call me.

    I’m not perfect. I am me, and that’s good enough! My rant is over (for now).

    -Fit Mommy

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