• Because…someone has to control the flying monkees!

    Other than probably dehydrated, she seems healthy, right?? 🙂

    It isn’t popular, but then again, I didn’t choose a popular profession with the family. In fact, my kids sometimes groan when they see me coming because they know the truth: if it isn’t a holiday, I am going to limit their intake of junk food.

    Yes, I am the witch of West Washtenaw County. Doesn’t someone need to control the flying monkeys?

    Even though I am going through a junk food purge today, I wasn’t mean yesterday. I listened to their favorite phrase yesterday: “Can I have this _____ (insert junk food)? It’s Christmas!!!” We ate pancakes with chocolate chips and Nutella. We had ice cream and cookies. We had soda pop and candy canes and gum. My head was spinning with sugar.

    So, today, I know I will be the meanest mom in America, throwing away all the junk food. Gone are the cookies and Pepperidge Farm Pirouettes I love. Ditto the ice cream and pie. To the trash, peppermints and minty cookies (other than the peppermint mocha creamer that add to my coffee). It is all going to disappear into Oz (or somewhere else dark and creepy).

    Call it wasteful, but I don’t think that it is a waste to throw away anything that is made from processed sugar. It was a waste to make or buy too much junk food in the first place. My kids don’t need any more junk food and I can’t control myself around mountains of calories. If I don’t take a stand on non-holidays, they will never know what it is like to have a ‘special day.’

    I don’t just regulate my kids, by the way. I went for a long walk today and also jumped on the stair stepper as well. I ate a very healthy breakfast and I plan to eat lots of veggies and fruits for the next couple of days. After all, It would be so ‘witchy’ to take away the junk from my kids and keep eating it myself, wouldn’t it? I hope to live a life of a healthy example, after all.

    Consider becoming the mean parent in your house. No, it isn’t always easy to be a villain, but I know that one day my kids will appreciate that I cared so much about their health. For some reason, it is ok to be vigilant about kid’s academics, sports and sunscreen, but it is mean to actually take away junk food. I hope to change someone’s attitude by saying this:

    My kids will love me even if they eat fewer sweets. They won’t ever regret fewer cookies. They would be more resentful if I let them be unhealthy.

    -Fit Mommy

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