• Clean and bright, shiny and bright. A new day.

    Stop making bad resolutions and start fresh again on this new day!

    The cookies are stale. Crumbs left for the mouse are swept up and thrown away. A tree is on the curb, waiting for the chipper.

    Yes, it is all over…Including the holiday excuses.

    I know that many begrudge the idea of a New Year’s resolution because they feel that it cannot last. However, I know people who have made a New Years goal that they have kept. The difference between a resolution that is broken and a goal that is kept? Making a REAL GOAL.

    A real goal is not a perfect body that you pin on Pinterest. It doesn’t criticize your past, deny you sugar forever, or make you work out for two hours each day. It is created in love and nurtured during those days of accomplishment and also on those inevitable challenging days. It sets a realistic end and a realistic deadline. It starts again even when it fails.

    I wish all of you a refreshing new and realistic goal as we enter a new year! Make a real goal, not just a silly resolution. Start clean on this new day by breathing and accepting yourself for who you are today. Walk forward from this day feeling like you are breathing in a fresh new day.

    Clean and bright, shiny and bright. Today is your new day.

    -Fit Mommy



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  1. Jenni says:

    I completely agree. Set yourself up for success this year and start with small and realistic goals. This will make for a great 2013.

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