• Fierce Friday!

    Be fierce this Friday! Take on my challenge of the day. I don’t know if this is inspired by the paint fumes I was breathing in yesterday or the fact that I was wearing a cheetah print sports bra during my workout today, but I am ready to inspire your inner and outer growl!

    These two moves will help you strengthen your entire back, core, chest and arms. If you don’t have a ball, just do this on the floor. Here’s the first move, planks with rows:

    This move isn’t easy!!! Be ready to feel the sweat begin as you get into a plank and start rowing your arms back, targeting the upper back and shoulders. If it hurts your hands to hold the weights, just put your supporting hand on the floor. Try to do 12-15 per side for a rocking workout!

    To modify, just complete some or all of these reps on your knees.


    Next, flip over on the floor (or use a ball as pictured) to work your chest.

    I love how this picture shows the woman on an angle on the ball. When you add this angle, it makes the basic chest press just a little more intense! Complete at least 15-20 chest presses with both weights.

    To modify, lay flat on the ball, supporting your head.


    Now, for the fearless part. Repeat this entire sequence! Grrr….you will be strong and fierce (and rock a sexy neck and shoulders) for those holiday parties!

    -Fit Mommy

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