• Another idea to empty that ‘Bowl full of Jelly’

    Santa is the only one who wants the bowl full of jelly!

    I see women and men crunching their tummies and contorting themselves in all sorts of weird ways in the pursuit of perfect waists. All of these various moves crunch the abs like a mashed¬†accordion: Squeeze, Push, Crunch…

    Here’s a new idea for your squashed abs: Try lengthening the abdomen.¬†

    After working with so many clients who have complained of this jelly bowl, I have begun to offer the idea that continually squeezing a muscle is only half of the work. You must also stretch these muscles in order to flatten them. This not only helps you to flatten those abs, but it helps strengthen your lower back as well.

    How to start? Remember to always work opposing muscle groups. Work the abs and then turn over and work the lower back. Do some abs bicycles and then flip over and do some superman swims!

    Once you finish your workout, make sure to stretch yourself out, targeting the abs. Sweep your arms over to one side and then the other, feeling a stretch across the waist. Open up your chest and then close your arms over and stretch the upper back. Make sure that your body is ‘trained’ to keep those muscles strong AND elongated!

    Stretch it out and enjoy a little less jelly!

    -Fit Mommy

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