• Fall ‘Fit Mommy’ Results are in!

    My mission is to help moms be strong, fit and confident.

    That’s why this year I have taken on two campaigns that I entitle the “Fit Mommy” Adventure.  I ask one deserving mom to put up with my workouts for two months and help her to lose inches, learn about fitness, and get stronger.

    This Fall, I started to work with a great mom named Brooke. Not only is she a mom of a fantastic and lively little girl, but she is an entrepreneur of a local business, New Era Chiropractic, in Saline, MI. I wanted to help Brooke enjoy a new exercise program and help her meet her goals. She has been trying to simply shed those last few pesky pounds around the waist (what I entitle the mummy tummy).

    Our workouts were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed watching her daughter dance along with my music. Brooke mentioned, after we had been working together about a month, that people had started noticing and commenting on her more svelte appearance as well. She has this to say about my workouts:

    “Eva makes me excited to exercise. I love how fun and easy it is to workout with her each week.”

    Brooke is a living example of a busy mom who is noticing a difference with just a little bit of extra exercise. If I can stress anything about working out, it is that it doesn’t have to change your life. It can only enhance what you already have! She has kept up with working out a few times a week on her own and has added in strength moves as well.

    The results are in! After working with me for two months, just once a week, she has shed almost 2 and a 1/2 inches around her waist and can now do push ups from her toes. She has also mastered planks with rows and has impressed her husband with how strong she now is.

    Thanks, Brooke! If you are looking for a great Chiropractor, I urge you to check out her very welcoming and professional office, New Era Chiropractic, in Saline, MI. The address and website URL is below.

    -Fit Mommy

    New Era Chiropractic 

    137 E. Michigan Ave Saline, MI 48176 Phone: 734-944-2090

    Website: http://www.newerasaline.com/

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