• Parent guilt is a waste of time

    The ideal combo: Coffee and writing. With a stain on my shirt…and no pants.

    I titled this blog with a phrase I like to repeat in my head when family life events collide, often at the same time:

    1. Writing a blog with coffee and without pants (because they are in the laundry pile).

    2. I get a PTO email or flier for, um…anything.

    3. Laundry is hanging on my workout equipment.

    4. Dinner is planned at 5 pm four days in a row. By ‘planned,’ I mean it is either takeout or by Kraft.

    5. I haven’t sat down with my kids that day, but they have been sitting on the couch for hours watching Phineas and Ferb.

    6. I can’t remember the last time the kids have bathed.

    7. I forget that it is a potluck. Again.

    8. That other mom never seems to have her hair in ponytails or sweats. Ever. Or, she tells me that her kids have never had a store bought costume for Halloween.

    9. One word: Pinterest.

    10. Buying milk or soda on a credit card because I have no cash.

    Despite all of the loose ends in my life, it is a waste of time to sit around and wish I were more organized or together. I tell myself this because I could be spending this valuable time on Facebook or blogging here, right? 🙂 This idea also applies to all of you out there. Stop trying to look like you are perfect. It is useless and frankly, annoying to the rest of us.

    Instead, try to think in terms of the week, instead of the day. If you can’t squeeze in a workout today, plan one for tomorrow (and actually stick to it). If you missed a PTO meeting (or 6?), try to send in an extra snack to the classroom in a few days. Forget a potluck? Don’t worry about it-no one will (hopefully) notice…or better yet, grab a ‘hot and ready’ pizza. It will be a hit. Try to make the week better as it goes on, instead of worse.

    If all else fails, know that you are not alone. I’ll be feeling guilty too, somewhere out there…hopefully with coffee AND pants! 🙂

    -Fit Mommy


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  1. Susan says:

    Thank you! I really needed this today!

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