• Get comfortable with the uncomfortable

    Determination…she’s comfortable with discomfort!

    I take a weekly early morning spin class in town and one of the instructor’s repeated phrases has me reaching for my laptop:

    Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

    This mantra has me hooked for more, each and every week. It isn’t about pain, but about being okay with that seemingly endless, nagging, smoldering muscle burn. It isn’t agony, but it isn’t pleasant, either. It is, yes, uncomfortable.

    If you, like me, get into a workout rut, this is a new idea to motivate you up that next hill of resistance. If you feel comfortable during your workout, you are who I am talking to. I want to challenge you to get uncomfortable. I want you to feel that burn that will take ten pounds away. I want you to feel the burn that will make you stronger.

    So, turn up that resistance. Go up to the next weight in the barbells. Run a little farther. Be a better you than yesterday!

    -Fit Mommy

    P.S. When I was looking for spinning photos, I found a lot of pics of spools of thread. Made me giggle.

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