• The healthiest candidate? You decide!

    My ‘health’ report on the candidates!

    Let me begin by saying that I absolutely hate to discuss politics and will tend to laugh off all of this campaign drama. However, I do like to write about health. I also like to keep healthy living relevant to our daily lives. Since the election is approaching, I thought I would weigh in on the health of our two top contenders for President.

    Even though this may not be one of the major campaign issues, it is a proven fact that we vote on leaders who look healthy. In fact, as much as we say that ‘looks don’t matter,’ our ballots suggest otherwise. Here’s my 2012 Presidential Health report about our Democratic and Republican candidates.

    The good news? Both candidates are a great example of healthy living. I have read from multiple news reports that both exercise regularly and eat a pretty healthy diet, even while campaigning (which must be very tough). Here’s a basic rundown on our healthy candidates, in alphabetical order.

    Obama: We know that President Obama is a proponent of a healthy lifestyle. He is quite active, and often brags about how well he plays basketball. However, it is Michelle who really has taken healthy family living to the public. With the “Let’s Move” initiative, Michelle has made it her mission to educate parents and children about good nutrition and exercise. She even started a garden in the White House this year! Suffice it to say, the Obamas put healthy living on the top of their family agenda. However, the one big negative about Obama is his unfortunate cigarette habit. I really hope that he can kick this habit after his presidential gig is over, either soon or in four years.

    Romney: Here’s a web excerpt that I found to be informative from International Business Times: As has been reported by various media outlets, Mitt Romney is perhaps the healthiest-living Republican presidential candidate ever. A life-long Mormon, Romney does not drink or smoke cigarettes. (Editor’s note: The ‘no drinking’ thing is not necessarily healthy in my book…) Rumor has it that he runs 3 miles a day. Add to that his love for Turkey Subs at Subway on the campaign trail, and I think you have an example of a healthy person.

    Therefore, if you are voting for the healthiest candidate, I have to say it isn’t an easy choice. Both candidates are trim, physically active and enjoy reasonably good nutrition. Both are deeply concerned about the healthcare in America, although they have very different opinions about this (very) polarizing topic. In other words: it’s a toss up!

    You decide-just go out and vote!

    -Fit Mommy

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