• Fresh Fall Fitness

    Fresh, Fall Fitness was a day of simplicity and joy

    We decided it was time to take the family up to grandma and grandpa’s cabin last weekend. While the trip only takes a few hours, I often feel as if ‘the crazy life’ is left behind along with a reliable wireless signal and loud top 40 radio stations. We had decided that it would be a perfect weekend to travel, since it would be free from snow and Fall sports activities.

    Each day of this weekend, I loved to watch the kids scamper around the property, clad in play clothes and flip flops, despite the Autumn chilly air. They were busy creating their own vast imaginary country, complete with forts, businesses and their very own outdoor bathroom facility (that we had to clarify was for #1 only, of course…)

    Meanwhile, Derek and I decided to take this time to go on long walks together through the Fall foliage and over the nearby creek. Each day, we waited until it was at least 50 degrees and set out to go a route of 4-4.5 miles. During these long walks, I was able to enjoy the changing leaves that were almost at peak color. I enjoyed a quiet moment with my husband that we so rarely get to have without distraction of child or chaotic scheduling scenarios.

    As we walked, I could breathe in and out the fresh Fall air. It felt like freshness for my eyes, ears and even my lungs. No treadmill could have replicated these real hills that opened up Autumn scenic wonders. No elliptical machine could swirl together a feeling like those of the dust and leaves blowing in the wind. What I gained was more than just a feeling of accomplishing a workout despite a weekend of cookies and mac n’ cheese, but a feeling that I had had a fresh Fall fitness experience. Simple and beautiful.

    Many of us get trapped in a gym because of busy life schedules. However, I challenge you all to try a fresh moment of fitness in the beautiful out-of-doors. Fresh is not always feasible, but I urge you to enjoy those beautiful opportunities that you can!

    Tell me about your fresh fitness and how it has changed your fitness perspective.

    -Fit Mommy

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