• How I motivate myself

    How I get those shoes on my feet….in real life.

    I can try to motivate you in “happy trainer” words, or I can be honest. Here are my daily thoughts that get me out the door when I really just want to watch a chick flick and eat my nachos:

    1) If I work out, then I can be lazy for the rest of the day.

    2) Those graham crackers and milk I just ate aren’t going away on their own.

    3) Swimsuit season is not far away… Swimsuit season is not far away…

    4) Be a good example to the kids, to family, to clients. Repeat this phrase…

    5) I just signed up for a 5K, can’t disappoint myself…meh

    6) My clothes are feeling tight.

    7) I have to justify the chocolate I am craving. Scratch that, the chocolate I am EATING.

    8) I will feel better.

    9) I will be less stressed.

    10) I will stop thinking and put on my shoes before I can talk myself out of this!!!

    In the end, I am not always motivated. I just have to get up and move whether I want to or not! Does any of this sound like the thoughts in your head??

    -Fit Mommy

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