• In other news… and ‘back to healthy!’ time

    Give an apple to the teacher, but keep one for yourself. It is time to get ‘back to healthy!’

    Weird week…I’m finishing up prep for the kids to go back to school, working just a ‘little bit’ and running a temporary daycare out of my house. Whilst the kids fling toys around upstairs and climb trees outside, I am pretending that I am working hard on this blog. The reality is that I was just catching up on the latest news about Prince Harry and checking out the status of tropical storm Isaac. Both are apparently stirring up all sorts of trouble across the World!

    Even though this time of year is all about transitions and new beginnings, this week is all about preparation. I am preparing the kids to go back to school by collecting school supplies and new clothes. I am preparing meals that are cheap, easy and (hopefully) won’t make my kids whine. I am preparing and researching the latest in fitness trends/equipment and figuring out what I like and what I would like to forget. I am also hoping to find some new fitness classes to keep me motivated during the Fall! Last, but not least, I am getting ready for the next season of Dexter by programming my DVR.

    All of this preparation makes me wonder about those of you who read this blog. Are you preparing to start ‘back to healthy’ when the kids go back to school? If you are, you aren’t alone. I often remind people that even though we don’t actually go to school anymore, most of us actually live our lives based on the academic calendar. We begin new things when school starts. We stop during breaks. (Note: We do this even if we don’t have kids!)

    ‘Back to School’ is a great time to start again on your journey to get healthy. After you walk the kids to the bus stop, try to keep walking for another mile or two! When they come home, take them and yourself on a bike ride! Pack a healthy lunch to take to work when you pack that PBJ for the kids. In other words, start preparing (right now) to make healthy changes!

    It’s time for ‘back to healthy!’ Are you ready?

    -Fit Mommy

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