• Imperfect perfection

    The infamous “black table” at our house. Infamous because no one knows that this is the table I refer to as black because it is always covered in crap!

    My tagline: Trying to stay sane and in shape in the real World.

    My favorite part of my tagline: In the real World…

    See, I don’t live in a bubble. Just like you, I am busy. My work and kid’s schedule makes me feel like I have to perform a constant juggling act from day to day. I have cobwebs under my sink. There is only one roll of toilet paper left. Our tents from the last camping trip (three weeks ago) still need to be stuffed back away. I have two loads of laundry to do so that we can actually get dressed tomorrow morning. Dinner isn’t planned. However, I have been on Facebook 5 times today and I have played two words on “Words with Friends.”

    What’s the point of this? To tell you that I will never have it all together. I will never be able to tell you in a pie chart what I eat with carbs, proteins and fats. I don’t use a heartrate monitor because I am pretty sure that I would lose the cord or forget to fill it up with new batteries once it dies. Two weeks ago, in fact, I ate ice cream for lunch. I did get in some exercise this week, but I have to admit, it is  a benefit to be able to work out on the job.

    Though my life is far from perfect, if I had waited for a perfect moment to get healthy it would never have happened. You, too, can have a healthy life even while you are actually living! Here are my favorite tips to stay healthy with very little time:

    1) Figure out three quick healthy meals that you can make without planning. We all have those days that we have to run to the grocery store without a list! Instead of worrying about it, remember your “go to” meals and stock your cart with healthy ingredients.

    2) Exercise between workouts. In other words, live your life active. Walk everywhere you can. Take stairs at every opportunity. Stand when you are waiting. Don’t sit when you could be dancing!

    3) Figure out the healthy meals at restaurants. I know that some of you shun the fast food idea, but I don’t live in a restaurant-free environment. Sometimes, I need a quick meal out when I travel or I am between appointments. It’s easy, peasy…lemon squeezy, as my kids would say.

    4) Stop the cookie guilt. You won’t get fat from one cookie or one order of fries. Just because you indulge once in a while doesn’t make you a failure. I often remind clients that a diet is only a guide for  about 90% of their eating habits. The rest of your food should be a little sinful.

    5) Let the house go…just a little. If you have a perfectly clean house with perfectly dressed kids, a perfect job and you are perfectly fit, well, sorry, but I hate you. This idea that we all have a perfect exterior to look at is so ridiculous. Something has to give and for me, it is the perfect looking home. There’s a reason I have one bathroom-it is only one bathroom to clean. Let’s change our expectations and maybe we can all focus on health. Besides, all those cleaners are not good for us anyway!

    How do you stay fit in the real World? I am not talking to those of you who are solely focused on health and make their own pasta from scratch. I want to know little easy tricks that I can use to make my life healthy and easier!

    -Fit Mommy

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