• Naptime is sweat time!

    I got strong from taking time out for myself!

    My daily ‘stay at home mom’ routine: Get up, make coffee, take kids out for a morning playtime, lunch, nap…then I would work up a sweat!

    I didn’t have a fancy gym. I didn’t have fancy equipment. No personal trainer either (though I wish I would have had someone like me come over! :). So, I would put the kids down and do the following things to get moving and burn calories while the kids were dreaming away:

    1. Run around the house: Yes, I would run around the house in a circle. 10 times one direction and ten times in the other. I would treat toys like obstacles and jump around them. The dog would chase me and then get tired and retreat to a corner.

    2. Dance to my favorite iTunes: I would make up cardio routines to my favorite songs and dance away in my kitchen. In fact, some of these routines are ones that my clients use today!

    3. Videos: Denise Austin on TV was DVR’d. I also had the FitTV channel for yoga and Pilates. If I didn’t want to move around, I would do floor work to the TV.

    4. March to TV Shows. If I didn’t want to leave the TV area and I just wanted to watch a show, I would march or get out my step and complete steps as I watched. During commercials, I would do some crunches, squats, and pushups.

    5. Stretch: I would try to stretch out and take a quick shower.

    After my sweat time, I usually found that I was less stressed and I felt like I had accomplished one small thing on my list. I felt great and usually I would still have plenty of time to relax or snooze on the couch before the kids got out of bed.

    For all those moms out there who are looking for something to do, here are some ideas! Take that time out for you, you are worth it!

    -Fit Mommy

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