• Are you just lucky?

    This little clover was born lucky…were you?

    On a holiday where we celebrate the Irish spirit, I want to explore this question. “Are you just lucky?”

    When I initially lost weight, I had many people say to me, “Oh, well, you are just so lucky! You must have skinny genes or something…” Ha Ha. Funny. No, actually I don’t have luck, I just had to make my own. I had to log calories, workout, and turn down a few shamrock shakes. Similarly, when I hear the “I’m just unlucky” excuses, I also have to wonder about the luck of it all.

    Are you just lucky to have the healthy body you have? Or, do you feel like you are the unlucky one? Just like in the lottery, imagine those balls whirling around with features stamped on them instead of numbers. Did you draw the blue eyes or the green? Did you draw in the apple or pear shaped? Did you end up with your uncle’s nose? Or, did you end up with high blood pressure and high cholesterol? All of these dominant and recessive traits are picked at random, right?

    So, is your body simply a genetic lottery ball? Are you doomed to bad or good luck in your body? What do you think?

    -Fit Mommy

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  1. Lori says:

    I think that your body is a combination of luck and work. It’s not fair, but we are not all born with the same body. What you can do with the body you were given is up to how hard you are willing to work. I have a friend who I would call pear shaped. She rides hundreds of miles on a bike every week and eats right. She is thin but still pear shaped. My husband is very thin and eats right, but he still has high blood pressure. The problem would be much worse if he didn’t take care of himself.
    If you were blessed with a fabulous body shape and don’t take care of it, you might not look the same 20 years down the road. If you do, we all hate you. 🙂

  2. Fit Mommy says:

    Hi Lori!
    I agree with the combo of luck and work. I know of several people who really do have to work harder to stay trim. Despite the genetic lottery, however, we can all improve, right?

    I also second that if you are just genetically blessed at 65 as well as at 45, we all hate you! 🙂
    -Fit Mommy

  3. alisha john says:

    I m soo lucky. i got everything i wished for no matter later or sooner.:)

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