• Baby Barbells

    If you are going to strength train with your baby, this seems the safest idea!

    Have you seen those adorable pictures of moms, holding their precious (smiling, of course) newborns and using them to complete exercise reps? Awww…that looks wonderful and easy, doesn’t it?

    I have to give this one the big ‘ole thumbs down. First of all, my “little baby” started out at 10 lbs via the eviction method (c-section). There was no way was I going to complete giant baby bicep curls for hours post surgery. Babies are not only impractical to use as a weight, but wiggly. I don’t advise anyone experiment with such a vulnerable little person.

    Second of all, don’t other babies spit like baseball players? Mine did. Slobber city. I would be afraid to bench press a baby and have it spit all over me. Yuck. It’s much better to use some actual weights for those chest presses!

    The only advice I can give you mommies who want to involve your baby with your exercise is to complete “baby smile” pushups. Just put your baby on the floor and put your hands on either side of them. As you complete pushups, your baby gets to look at you smile (or grimace, it may make them giggle more!). You can also add in a kiss as you get stronger. Warning: Start out doing these from your knees, since you don’t want to risk falling on your little bundle of joy!

    Did you use your baby as a postpartum barbell? If you did, and this was successful, please let me know. Instead, I liked to just be with my baby without worries that he had to be my next fitness accessory. If you like to use babies to lose weight, I would stick with breastfeeding, lugging them around from place to place and pushing them in a stroller. (although not at the same time!)  🙂

    -Fit Mommy

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