Jazzercise: 50 Years and going strong!

I’ve been a certified Jazzercise instructor for over two years now. After two years of leading an average of 4-5 classes a week, I can easily say that I am now in better shape than I was even five years ago. 

When I was first approached and asked if I would consider becoming an instructor, I was immediately intimidated and gave a quick “No Way!” Why was I so afraid? As a Jazzercise instructor, we get on a stage and wear a mic for an hour-long class. To prepare for each week’s classes, I need to organize and learn/review routines. It takes creativity and courage to be able to stand up, cue movements and motivate customers from the stage. I’m actually pretty introverted and was very nervous to get up and talk to a group of people. However, I can say without a doubt that this experience has made me a better trainer and a more confident woman. I absolutely love this job.

Jazzercise corporate is celebrating quite a milestone this year. For many businesses, 50 years is a success, but not remarkable. In contrast, the fitness/wellness industry is fast paced and trend focused. People want results in days or weeks and will quickly jump from one fad to another. To stay competitive in a maze of boutique fitness options over several decades is phenomenal. In fact, it just doesn’t happen. Adding that this is a woman-owned and operated biz and you can see why we have reason to celebrate.

We are not just another dance program. Jazzercise employs exercise physiologists and marketing experts to analyze and successfully position itself year after year. I have tried just about every group fitness offering in the past: Crossfit, Spin Cycling, Orange Theory, Zumba, HIIT, Cardio Kickboxing, and Barre, but I always find that Jazzercise is the most fun and varied fitness program out there. It combines all of these different modes of exercise and puts them into one total body workout. It’s not just challenging, though, it’s a ton of fun. I love the strength intervals and the dance moves. I love the community of healthy women we bring together.

I’m very excited to be heading to San Diego this week for the 50th Anniversary Celebration with a couple of other instructors. I want to get sweaty and feel inspired to continue the workout that changed everything for me. I was a Jazzerciser before I was a trainer. Now, I’m both.

Congratulations, Jazzercise!!!


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