Party on a plate

Even though I haven’t blogged in a while, I am still out here! Lately, my pursuits for life balance were knocked off kilter when my youngest son needed me the most. That’s why we live our lives as minimalist as we can. When I need to take a step back and be “just a mom,” I can be.

Despite the daily weekday chaos, I love to take time for myself by preparing quick, fresh  and healthy meals out of what I have in my fridge. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I now try to take a bit of extra care to prepare my own “party on a plate” several mornings a week. My neighbor often shares her free range, organic eggs with us, and I love to creatively use them for a variety of meals.

Sometimes, I simply baste the eggs and indulge dipping a bit of whole grain toast with avocado into the yolks. Other times, I use hard boiled eggs as a protein for a breakfast salad with fresh veggies, on a bed of kale or spinach. On really special days, I love to create a “bread-free BLT” with eggs, uncured bacon, basil, tomatoes, and fresh mozzerella. These colorful meals feel indulgent, but they take very little time to prepare.

Do you ever take a bit of “me time” to make a special meal for yourself? I highly recommend that you try it!  Also, please share your favorite anytime “party on a plate” recipes.



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