Heathy Summer Fun

Recently, my kids have finished up their school year and we are beginning the Summer schedule…that is, the non-schedule-schedule. Mornings are relaxed. Dishes pile up in the sink. And, I putter around the yard trying to keep plants alive. Meals are a free-for-all until dinner. I do like the change of pace, but it is challenging to keep my kids active and encourage them to make healthy food choices.

As my boys grow up and become teens, I still like to remain a healthy influence on their lives. I try to provide endless amounts of fresh fruit and healthy snacks in the house. I also keep signing them up for camps to keep them occupied and engaged throughout the Summer. However, this is challenging because they have more opinions now than they used to. They also need to eat more because they are growing at such a fast pace. I often need to make extra trips to the store to keep up because they tend to eat everything in our house!

I welcome any ideas to keep these kids healthy and happy during the Summer. Please feel free to comment or share ideas. Thanks!



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