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What happens when Exercise Science meets Compassion? Personalized, Total-Body Wellness.

Fitness can be fun and effective!

Let me change your perception and help you make positive lifestyle changes

Strong Body

I am committed to teaching my clients how to properly strengthen their bodies. Strong bodies will walk with confidence and good posture. Strong bodies will feel better and allow us to live more fully throughout our years.

Lean Body

A strong body is a lean body. When we strengthen our bodies, the body works more efficiently and keeps our metabolism elevated throughout the day.

Healthy Body

Good nutrition is the fuel that keeps our body nourished and energized! I will give plenty of support and provide new ideas to motivate you to make good choices.

Happy Body

I believe that we need a positive mindset in order to make healthy changes to our body. With my upbeat personality and personalized music playlists, I will help you to reduce stress, celebrate your unique body, and find joy in your workouts.

Latest From The Blog

  • How yoga keeps me healthy

    In the past 6 months, I have been teaching an average of 5 high impact Jazzercise® classes per week. These classes keep me in the best shape of my life, but they also can cause my knees to complain. Recently, my […]

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  • Health for the Holidays!

                            Festive and Healthy!
    I know it is that time of year to break out the sugar and the cookie cutters… However, the holiday season can be an opportunity for […]

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  • ‘Lighten up’ on the fitness seriousness…

    You are all taking this stuff waaaaaayyyy too seriously. Lighten up, people!
    Lately, I run into people and we explore the topic of fitness. Inevitably, it follows that I listen to a crazy and regimented routine that makes me not only want […]

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  • Healthy Convenience Foods…a top 10 of my faves

    Delicious and Nutritious…and convenient!
    When you hear the phrase, “Convenience foods,” you may automatically assume that they have to be unhealthy or over-processed.
    Not true!!!
    I use all kinds of convenience foods in order to feed me and my family on our busy […]

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  • When politics creep into Exercise Science…

    This is one political matter that I must speak up about!
    I don’t usually encourage political banter during my training sessions. In fact, I will often point out that politics serve only to divide the client/trainer relationship. However, I was recently […]

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  • Fitness Nutrition Certification and Outreach

    As a Certified Nutrition Specialist, I can now help you make better food choices 
    When I am asked by a friend or client about healthy eating, I often get a tad nervous. As an ACE Personal Trainer, it is not within […]

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  • Keep your heart healthy this February!

    If you have visited the grocery store recently, you may have noticed the plethora of Valentines cards, decorations, candles, and other “red/pink heart” items that fill the aisles with love. However, as you start to think about your Valentine plans this […]

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  • Healthy New Year!

    Are you a “Resolution-ist?”
    Do you make life goals after watching that ball drop in Times Square? Do you vow to get healthier, more organized, improve relationships or try something new? If you are hoping to be a resolution success this […]

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  • Adventures in Hygge (Winter)

    Let it Snow!
    Have you ever heard of the Danish word/concept called “Hygge?” It is a Danish philosophy that celebrates Winter. From, hygge is: “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” I have mentioned […]

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  • Running, biking and training…Oh, my!

    I’m preparing to dance with dirt!
    Autumn is approaching and I need to get ready! I have signed up for a few really fun events that should keep me in shape! Signing up for these events is really fun and […]

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