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What happens when Exercise Science meets Compassion? Personalized, Total-Body Wellness.

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Strong Body

I am committed to teaching my clients how to properly strengthen their bodies. Strong bodies will walk with confidence and good posture. Strong bodies will feel better and allow us to live more fully throughout our years.

Lean Body

A strong body is a lean body. When we strengthen our bodies, the body works more efficiently and keeps our metabolism elevated throughout the day.

Healthy Body

Good nutrition is the fuel that keeps our body nourished and energized! I will give plenty of support and provide new ideas to motivate you to make good choices.

Happy Body

I believe that we need a positive mindset in order to make healthy changes to our body. With my upbeat personality and personalized music playlists, I will help you to reduce stress, celebrate your unique body, and find joy in your workouts.

Latest From The Blog

  • Running, biking and training…Oh, my!

    I’m preparing to dance with dirt!
    Autumn is approaching and I need to get ready! I have signed up for a few really fun events that should keep me in shape! Signing up for these events is really fun and […]

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  • Injury reality and recovery

    I will keep paddling forward, despite my injury!
    One of the many fringe benefits of being a CPT is that I have learned coping mechanisms and small therapies to manage injuries. I have used many of these tricks or “workarounds” to help my clients […]

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  • Flexing my gardening muscles

    My simple garden, grown with love.
    A couple of years ago, I took on my first vegetable garden. In previous years I had watched my husband start the garden and, as the Summer became busy, it would turn into a weedy […]

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  • Running the 13.1…again

    Taking a needed break on our Denver “brewery” half marathon last June!
    When I ran a 13.1 half marathon in 2013, I was emphatic that I would NEVER do it again…and, then, my husband asked if I would run one with him…
    I was initially very […]

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  • The Smallest Loser

    My “how I lose weight and not my sanity” guide…
    You’ve, of course, heard of the show “The Biggest Loser,” right? I consider myself on a much smaller trajectory.
    I’ve been at odds with my bathroom scale for decades. My weight has […]

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  • How to…Winter

    Me and my doggie, Frost, enjoy hiking on a sunny day at Pinckney Rec State Park
    Confession: I used to hate Winter.
    Each year, after all the beautiful Autumn leaves were finally settled on the ground, I would begin to dread what was next […]

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  • Fit Bit?

    One of my favorite gifts this year? The Fit Bit.
    I admit, I was skeptical. I tend to be more of a natural health gal, using my intuition to guide me in matters of health and nutrition. I like to walk […]

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  • What is real support? A list of what not to do…

    Good friends support each other, even if they can’t stop eating lasagna
    Family and friend support is crucial for a successful life change. Can I say that again? Family and friend support is CRUCIAL for a successful life change.
    Doesn’t that sound easy? Doesn’t […]

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  • How can I help you navigate those exercise “roadblocks?”

    In Michigan, we have two seasons: Snow and Construction. As I drive, I now have to dodge potholes and orange-laden traffic hazards. This reminds me that we all have to navigate roadblocks in our lives. These roadblocks can be physical […]

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  • Volunteering for Exercise

    Most summers, my business gets a bit…slower… I think it is because, whether we are aware of it or not, most people live on a school year schedule. We are more “regimented” in our work/home schedule during the school year. […]

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